On April 22, 2009 IHI Charging Systems International GmbH opened its new manufacturing facility in Arnstadt (Ichtershausen). The joint venture of Japanese IHI Corporation and Daimler AG manufactures turbo chargers for the automotive industry.

"The production will now be increases step by step," says IHI general manager Jörg Steins. The plan calls for the production of half a million turbochargers over the course of the next year. By the end of this year, the facility will employ a staff of approximately 100. By the end of next year there will probably be about 200 employees. The achievement of the planned capacity of one million turbochargers per year depends on the development of demand on the part of the European automotive industry, Steins explains and says that 45 million Euros were invested. Thuringia's prime minister Dieter Althaus (CDU) said during the opening celebration that maintaining Thuringia as an automotive location and its innovative work places is an utmost priority for the state government. The new facility at the "Erfurter Kreuz" makes an important contribution to establishing Thuringia as a competent and innovative player in the future.

According to Steins the turbochargers will initially be shipped to VW. The car manufacturer will use them to complete the engine portfolio of its new Polo, which will be introduced this summer.

Source: ATZ-Online (excerpt), Author(s): Moritz-York von Hohenthal