Experienced Professionals

Contribute your technical knowledge and practical experience to our company and increase your sphere of activity. From the start you will be involved in interesting and challenging tasks requiring your contribution. Through working with expert teams you will be able to exchange ideas with your co-workers to find the optimum solution. If, to you "teamwork", "quality awareness" and "innovative capability" are more than just empty phrases, we are on the same wavelength. Boost your career by becoming an ICSI member. Work with us on the future of sophisticated charging systems!

PhD Program

Our technologies set the highest demands for the various engineering disciplines, even approaching technical limits. Make a contribution to ensuring that many of our solutions remain pioneering in the area of turbocharger development! If you want to connect theoretical research with practical work, we would be a great partner for you. We offer you the conditions necessary for finishing your PhD in an appropriate timeframe. The PhD program is tailored to above-average graduates who already have a supervisor and want to prepare a thesis with a topic relevant to the company. Program participants will be given the opportunity to prepare their scientific thesis with us on a full-time basis.