IHI Charging Systems International

Our innovative charging concepts achieve a 20% reduction in fuel and emissions. We thereby make a practical and concrete contribution to climate protection and efficient mobility.

Sophisticated production methods and a continuous improvement process guarantee the efficient use of resources even during manufacturing, thereby sustainably preserving the environment.



ICSI expands

After only two years of successful activity we are proud to announce that we will expand the Ichtershausen (Germany) plant by almost doubling its manufacturing capacity.

Expansion Plant Ichtershausen



IHI to hold 100% of the shares in IHI Charging Systems International Towards strenghten our turbocharger business world-wide

After 12 years of collaboration, the two companies have agreed that ICSI has matured enough to become independent. Under the full ownership of IHI, ICSI will now seek to collaborate with other subsidiaries within IHI group in order to expand IHI's group turbocharger business from "Europe to the World".


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